Start You Up Ventures is the meeting point for investors and entrepreneurs with special products and attitude that fit global markets.


We are dedicated to capitalize on a unique opportunity presented by the proliferation of high growth potential startups and early-stage companies in Brazil – the fifth country with the most number of startups.


By investing in Brazilian companies with world-class technology and transferring the company and Intellectual Property to the United States, the opportunity and valuation of such companies will grow exponentially.

The process is not new. Several notable Brazilian and South American companies have come to the United States and succeeded. Start You Up Ventures acts systematically to increase the quality and quantity of deal flow and with that, create wealth for the stakeholders.


Energy generation and efficiency technology inventors with products that include Electron Capture Lamp, Solar Multiplier and Magnetic Energy Recycler – all patented technology and under review by a G1000 corporate innovation group in the US.
Biometrics and Biomotion systems for security. The company is currently under technological review and negotiations to serve a leading supplier of biometrics solutions in Brazil and LATAM with clients in Banking, Health, Military.
3D visualization hardware/software with applications in mining, agriculture and agropecuary industry. Mining applications are being used by VALE in Brazil and locations in Africa. MOGAI has developed “Master’s Eye”, a system to weigh cattle using proprietary 3D camera/software solution reaching a 2.5% accuracy level.
Nuclear medicine facility management system that maximizes the efficiency of equipment and radio-isotopes in clinics reducing costs and life threatening risks to patients and operators. Successful tests at San Rafael Hospital show significant efficiencies and savings. Grupo Nucleos Medicina Nuclear in Brasilia adopted Nuclearis for several clinics.
Company that has developed a system to identify all components in an existing power grid and assign addresses to allow full independent control of each component, manage and greatly reduce energy, gas and water consumption. The company has contracts with INGRAM MICRO in Brazil and is in process of becoming part of the CISCO suite of products. Interoperability with IBM, ZAP, ORACLE.


Our team is formed by professionals with deep regional market experience in Brazil and Silicon Valley. We offer a unique set of skills in the market.

Four years of experience in Brazil running an accelerator, participating in the molding of an ecosystem, give us access to outstanding companies and entrepreneurs early in their funding cycle.

We specialize in B2B companies, aiming to introduce strategic innovation investments to Corporate Venture Capitalists.

Simple value multiplication strategy

1 Find, qualify and package Brazilian company.
2 Connect to strategic customers and partners in Silicon Valley.
3 Fund company and transfer IP to the US.

We focus in high growth impact sectors

AgTech and Food Production


Smart Cities

IoT / Automation


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